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The AO2 B• Bank

The B-Bank is one of Aroundsquare's initiatives to help spread the love and benefits of the tools and toys we sell. Since its introduction a year and a half ago, the B•Bank has shipped out over 600 free items to folks around the world, at no cost other than shipping. Below is the back story.. 

Since we first started selling begleri back in 2015, Aroundsquare has focused on premium products. We are sticklers for detail, and we've always prided ourselves in making and selling the very best we can. Over the years, we've often heard from people about how our products have positively impacted their lives. Many of these stories have been very touching, and we realized long ago that our products seem, for many people, to offer something special. They fill a space that is not well-served by much else out there. But our products are all custom made, highly specialized, and most end up being fairly expensive as a result. We don't want that to be a barrier for people who might benefit from them. 

At the same time, through our sampling processes, our strict quality control, and our own testing of new batches, we have the fortune of amassing a reasonably steady supply of items that may not be quite what we sell in our shop, but that are nonetheless great. Through the B-Bank, we're pleased to offer new (b-grade) and freshly refurbished sets of many of our products at no cost other than shipping. These are legitimate AO2 items, sometimes slightly marked, sometimes factory samples, sometimes slightly off spec, sometimes gently used, occasionally unreleased or unavailable designs, but in all cases, beautiful pieces and absolutely perfect for play.

In order to help ensure this project sustainable and scalable, the B•Bank is currently single use. This may change over time, but we're pacing ourselves. We currently have begleri, knucklebones, and deadeyes available. If you'd like to use the bank, please pick the one item category that speaks to you most and enjoy the heck out of it. Don't be confused by the list price, the promo code (STRUNGTOGETHER) will cancel that out. Here's the link to the product page. 

The B-Bank runs on an honour system, and is designed principally for people who may not be able to afford purchases from our regular shop, people going through a rough patch, or those who might otherwise not be able to access items like these. We aren't prohibiting anyone from using the bank, but please understand that we have a finite supply of items, and if you're just looking to expand your collection for free, you may wind up depriving others in the process. Please use your own good judgment based on your situation, we trust ya. 

Here's how it works: 

  1. First ask yourself if this is for you. While we are not excluding anyone from using the B•Bank, it is really intended for people who might benefit from our gear but who have legitimate barriers or challenges to getting some.  
  2. If this is for your, then simply select the item (category) you'd like from the product listing below, and drop it into your cart.
  3. During checkout, use the old-fashioned click through checkout (not express checkout or apple pay), and you'll have the chance to enter the promo code STRUNGTOGETHER, which will knock off the price of the item, leaving you with only the shipping to pay.
  4. Items from each category (begleri, knucklebones, and deadeyes) will be selected at random from what we have. You may or may not get something that's in one of the photos, since those are just examples. You don't get to choose what size, style, or material you'll receive, but we can promise you an authentic item, same like what the pros use.
  5. The promo code is limited to one use per person, and will show as "expired" if you try to use the bank a second time. Please don't abuse the system by creating multiple accounts. 
  6. We reserve the right to cancel any order without reason or explanation. In that case your shipping payment will be refunded. 

Quick FAQ: 

  • Can I get something for my friend(s) when I order? No, but we encourage you to share this page with your friend and encourage them to get something.  
  • If this is free, why do I need to pay for shipping? The shipping cost is there to ensure there is a level of commitment on the part of people using the B•Bank. 
  • Can I donate or help out? Thank you! We would love to take you up on that but don't yet have a system in place for it. Please stay tuned.
  • Can I just buy b-grades from you? No, Aroundsquare prides itself on its reputation for high end, high quality items, and we've never been interested in selling things that don't meet our high standards. We'd rather give them away and continue to sell only perfect items.
  • Where do you get the items in the B•Bank? The B•Bank items are generally b-grade or slightly damaged items from our regular inventory. These are sometimes factory seconds, sometimes items we've used in house lightly, and sometimes samples, including occasional samples of things that are not part of our current inventory (slight variations on designs and so on). In the future, we may also accept donations from the community, and refurbish those items for redistribution. 

Aroundsquare B•Bank - begleri, knucklebones, deadeye coins, and more

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