strung together

Community development is core to what Aroundsquare is all about, and we put a lot of time and energy into engaging with the community, supporting the growth and expansion of the community, and organizing events where players and enthusiasts can come together. 

Get Involved:

  • Retail our stuff: If you represent a shop and would like wholesale information, hit us up
  • Recommend a retailer: If you know about a cool shop that might be interested in our stuff, hit us up
  • Clubs and events: If you're interested in organizing a club or purchasing skill toys in bulk for an event or group, hit us up
  • Charitable donations: If you're involved with an organization working with people who may benefit from these toys, hit us up
  • Micro-distributors: If you're interested in repping these toys as a micro-distributor, hit us up
  • Ambassadors: If you produce cool content and have a sizeable following on any social media platform, hit us up

Connect Online: 


Tell Us Your Story: 

We're always interested in hearing from folks about how they use our products, and the ways in which they've positively impacted lives. If you've got a story, please share it with us!


Help us connect and grow the community by posting online with your AO2 gear, and tagging us. You can tag us on most platforms using @aroundsquare and #aroundsquare .. In addition, here are a few of the common hashtags you'll see the fam using online

  • #slingfresh for new tricks and possible new tricks
  • #15sfreestyle for short clips
  • #BERETR for BEgleri REpeater TRicks
  • #begleriplus for posts that cross communities with begleri and other skill toys or EDC items
  • Product hashtags: #ao2titans #ao2hydras #ao2hybrids #ao2mks #ao2kbone #ao2deadeyes #ao2crew etc.

Projects and Initiatives:

Aroundsquare has a lot on the go, but we're always up for more. If you have ideas you'd like to see become reality, and especially if you're prepared to lend a hand to make that happen, hit us up! Here are a few of the things we have currently on the go.
  • AO2 Crew - Aroundsquare's pro team, pushing the boundaries of play #ao2crew #knightsoftheroundsquare
  • B-Bank - Providing free skill toys to folks who might benefit #ao2bbank
  • Single Grip Open - An annual begleri contest, with a caveat 
  • Sling It Forward - Spreading begleri love
  • Sling Fresh - Encouraging trick innovation in the begleri community #slingfresh
  • SlingSlam - An annual begleri freestyle event, with no caveats
  • Open Source Toys - Spreading great ideas
  • Play Research
  • Play Advocacy 
  • Skill toy and EDC gear development: begleri, monkey knuckles, knucklebone, deadeye, knucklebaton, cardistry, K-OS pens, and more
  • Consulting - AO2 Consulting maintains a client base with projects focused on education, governance, M&E, and social sector development