critical, creative, constructive

Aroundsquare Ltd. (AO2) is about social transformation, and is guided by the values of sustainability, democratization, and human potential. We design products and provide consulting services that support human development in alignment with these values. Our product range focuses tools and toys for better living, including manipulatives to support creative expression, mindfulness, focus, and perseverance. Our products have depth and intentionality. They are designed to become companions in your journeys, to see heavy use, and last a long time.

AO2 is a social enterprise, meaning our business was established a mechanism to support social change. We use a model that generates profit in addition to furthering social, environmental, and human development goals. We have four bottom lines, and we measure our success against all four.

We offer a sliding scale on rates and pricing for our products and services, and routinely make in-kind donations to support charities, schools, and innovative social enterprises.. if you're doing something good and would like to work with AO2, please contact us.