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The time has come. August 11-17, 2019, Aroundsquare is pleased to host what might possibly be the first ever worldwide open begleri contest. This is an online event, similar to the Single Grip Open in format, but without the single grip limitation. SlingSlam was the end game since long before we ran the first SGO back in 2016, but we felt at the time that it was premature to run an open contest. The skill level in the community was developing too quick, the bench strength wasn't quite there, the filming wasn't quite there, and we didn't quite know how to run a contest either. So, we decided to wait. Until now. 

Details to follow, but for now, keep it in your minds and drop it on your calendars. Be thinking in terms of a 30ish second continuous clip, clean, with minimal editing. Pack in your best tricks.. and if you're new to begleri or have never posted your slinging... get on it anyways.. we'll make it worthwhile with lots of draw prizes for anyone who enters. It's going to be a fun time. And guarantees of killer content. If you've been watching Instagram lately, you'll have seen the skill base exploding over the past few months.

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