Zircuti Mini Sigma Begleri
Zircuti Mini Sigma Begleri

Zircuti Mini Sigma Begleri

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Zircuti Mini Sigma Begleri

The "Mini Sigma" begleri are a very unconventional set of beads, and frankly speaking, everything about them is wrong. They are too small, and too light, and even the name is wrong. They aren't actually a scaled down version of the Sigmas begleri.. they are a bead design unto themselves. These beads were purpose built for our MKUltras, but after stringing them up as a begleri, we realized that against all logic, they actually make an incredibly fun little set. While we don't recommend these as a first or only set of begleri, players who are looking for a fresh experience, or an unobtrusive little set to keep on the keychain or in the coat pocket, these beads may fit the bill. They are fun, light, and relatively quiet, and with minor adjustments to timing, technique, and possibly cord length, you'll find they are a highly capable little set of beads.

This edition of the Mini Sigmas begleri is precision machined from the beautiful zircuti material, giving them a distinctive elegance that sets them apart from rest of our range. 


  • Weight: ~ 1.6g per bead; ~9.6g all in with cord
  • Size: 6*9mm with 3.5mm bore
  • Strung on AO2's new custom silk cord

New to begleri? Check out Aroundsquare's AO2 Crew demonstrating what this toy's all about, via the talented guys at Kuma Films (below). You may also want to visit our general information page on begleri, or do a deep dive on the history, configurations, or manipulation of this remarkable little toy.

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