Pocket Slims - Notebooks
Pocket Slims - Notebooks
Pocket Slims - Notebooks
Pocket Slims - Notebooks

Pocket Slims - Notebooks

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Pocket Slim Notebooks

With the popularity of our Basic Scribblers and pens, Aroundsquare is diving deeper into the stationery space with the introduction of our new Pocket Slim Scribblers. Pocket notebooks have seen a big resurgence in recent years.. you know the type, card stock cover, stapled spine, and kind of chunky. For a lot of people, these ubiquitous notebooks are an entry point into the world of stationery, but if we're being honest, they're not particularly friendly to carry in the pocket. They're wide, a bit bulky, and sort of flimsy--as if designed to be used short term and thrown away. 

As we do, Aroundsquare is going into this crowded space with a a specific focus, to bring something fresh and useful, prioritizing things we think are important, and those that others may not have considered. Enter the Pocket Slim Notebooks. Every detail of these notebooks is designed to stand out from the crowd. Most immediately obvious, the size is unconventional. These days, damn near everyone has a phone in their pocket, so rather than throwing in something with completely different dimensions, we've opted to go head to head, creating a notebook that slips right in to the same space--a worthy contender for your time and attention, a distraction free space for you to get down with your thoughts. These dimensions, it turns out, work extremely well for a pocket notebook, since those of us out and about tend not to be sitting down to write long form, but rather, we're recording thoughts and ideas in brief, brainstorming, making lists, and jotting diagrams.. these notebooks are purpose built for these needs. 

But let's also talk about construction. We've aimed very high with the Pocket Slims. They feature the legendary Tomoe River Paper, a hard-to-come-by Japanese-made paper with remarkable attributes. It's extremely thin and lightweight, but also strong, and handles all types of ink exceedingly well. It gives an amazing writing experience with almost any pen, and handles all but the wettest and broadest nibbed fountain pens with minimal feathering, ghosting, or bleeding. The notebooks also feature a substantial yet flexible cover, a durable stitched binding, and a linen outer cover that gets softer over time and adds to the durability and quality feel of these beauties.


  • Slim 70mm x 140mm size
  • 48 pages
  • 68g smooth Tomoe River paper with light grid and blank
  • 125g robust softcover, with linen outer layer
  • Crack free, stitched binding
  • Weight: ~32.3g

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