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Slack Sacks
Slack Sacks
Slack Sacks
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Slack Sacks

Slack Sacks

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Slack Sacks

There should be a place in the world for a proper, well made, bad bag. We're not lacking for much these days. It's a world of excess. Most of it is over-engineered and somehow still sucks. The Slack Sack has no goretex to keep your cheese sandwich from sweating. It has no compartments, no zippers or buckles, no internal frame, no lash points, no pockets, no padding, no padlock. It has no strap to let you forget about it. You need to bloody well hold it. It constantly let's you know it's there--a reminder that easier isn't always better. It's a whole lifestyle.

So is this some kind of joke? Only half. If you take it as a joke, there is plenty to work with. The Slack Sack is not at the level of Balenciaga's $1790 trash bags, but it is filling an important gap in the carry market for a well made cartoon bank robber money bag. It will serve as the worst laptop sleeve you've ever owned, and double as an terrible choice for a lunch kit. Using it for practical purposes, it's a reminder to not take yourself too seriously. 

But if you choose to take the Slack Sack seriously, there's plenty to work with there as well. The Slack Sack is built around a slow carry philosophy. This means bringing mindfulness to the carry process, foregrounding it rather than forgetting it. Because there are no pockets or straps, you're forced to pack it with intentionality, and you'll never forget you have it in hand. You may find that it's utter simplicity results in a refreshing level of versatility as well. It's unencumbered by preconceived use cases, and because of the construction and materials, the bag can handle a fair bit of weight. The result is a flexible tool, suitable for a wide range of purposes: 

  • a minimalist grab and go carry 
  • a ditty bag for loose items 
  • a pack flat tote to keep in the vehicle
  • a floating compartment for stuff you throw in a larger duffel
  • an unassuming stash for your hoard of begleri, your daily coin dump, or whatever other small items you don't want floating around your desktop.
  • an unorthodox tool for dynamic grip and strength training, with an element of flow

The Slack Sack is constructed from mid-weight 100% cotton canvas. It features a folded construction with subtly reinforced bottom, and fell seams for durability. It measures about 18cm x 8cm at the rectanglar base, opening to a max at the top of around 25cm if spread fully open and flat, and has an overall depth of about 62cm. 


  • Colour:
    • Turquoise with orange wordmark
    • Turquoise with orange moneymark
    • Grey with blue wordmark
    • Grey with blue moneymark  
  • Weight: ~200g 

For more on the Slack Sacks, have a watch at the section below from our November 2022 Drop Preview video. 

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