Aroundsquare Knucklebone in stunning damascus steel
Knucklebone - DamaSteel
Knucklebone - DamaSteel
Knucklebone - DamaSteel
Knucklebone - DamaSteel
Knucklebone - DamaSteel

Knucklebone - DamaSteel

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Knucklebone - Damascus Steel 

Aroundsquare's Knucklebones are a pocket friendly skill toy that can be manipulated to perform tricks or just pass the time.

Our Damascus Steel Edition

This beautiful edition is precision machined from a solid billet of Damascus Steel, AKA DamaSteel. The material is forged from folded layers of different steel grades, then precision machined, etched lightly, and polished smooth.

Each piece is distinct, with its own grain patterns. This edition is only available polished, with a shallow etch (untextured), since a deeper etch might abrade the fingers during play. The grain patterns are clearly visible, but are understated, and not noticeable from a distance. The photos provided are all unedited, and shot with bright indoor lighting, to give a true depiction of what you’ll be getting. The pieces depicted are quite representative of the range.

The polished finish is durable in normal use, but will eventually show scratches and may fade through repeated contact with other pocket items etc. That said, they are made of steel, so, they are among the hardest and most durable pieces we sell. 

This elegant Knucklebone edition may not be for everyone due to its price point, but for those who know what they're getting into, you're bound to cherish these pieces. The weight is very similar to the stainless steel models - right around 78-79g (with slight variation due to the blending of layers in the billet). 

Warnings: Metal versions are heavy and solid--can break things or hurt things if dropped. It is recommended that you play over carpet, couch, or the like, or outside.  

For more information on Aroundsquare's Kbones, visit the Knucklebone product page

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