Deadeye Wearable Mini - Mokume

Deadeye Wearable Mini - Mokume

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Deadeye Wearable Mini - Mokume 

The Deadeye wearables are a pendant version of the Deadeye contact coins. These feature a small hole in the centre, allowing them to be strung up and worn around the neck, from the belt loop, attached to a keyring etc. They feature the same shape and size as the original Deadeye coins, and play just as well. The wearables ship with our 1mm custom silk cord—our recommended product for stringing them up. Waxed cotton cord will be included in the package as an alternative. 

Our Mokume Gane Edition

This beautiful edition is precision machined from a solid billet of mokume gane. This unique material is made from fusing together layers of metals, and working the billet into a patterned material that almost resembles wood grain. When machined to our specifications, the grains of the material become exposed in a way that accentuates the appearance of the curves, creating a beautiful pattern. 

This elegant Deadeye may not be for everyone due to its weight and price point, but for those who know what they're getting into, you're bound to cherish this piece, and to appreciate it even more as the metals begin to patina and the grains pop. The weight of the mokume gane deadeyes is similar to the existing brass model, around 23g per piece, giving it a substantial feel in the hand, and plenty of weight for practicing isolations. 

 Product details: 

  • Weight: 23g
  • 30mm diameter 
  • Ships in box, pre-strung on 1mm silk cord, extra waxed cotton cord

    All Deadeyes are packaged in a box, and ship with Aroundsquare stickers.

    For more information, visit our Deadeye product page.

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