Commons Begleri - Mokuti Edition
Commons Begleri - Mokuti Edition
Commons Begleri - Mokuti Edition
Commons Begleri - Mokuti Edition
Commons Begleri - Mokuti Edition

Commons Begleri - Mokuti Edition

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Commons Begleri - Mokuti

The Commons get their name from the ubiquity of their shape in traditional Greek begleri and komboloi. These barrel-shaped beads are timeless in their simplicity, and very similar beads can be found in a wide range of materials ranging from inexpensive plastics through to semi-precious stones. The Commons design is our take on this classic shape, and the result is both fresh and familiar. Although they have commonalities with our Standards series, they nonetheless stand out in Aroundsquare's lineup. The stacked bead design has a distinctly traditional vibe, but the choice of lightly polished titanium gives them a clean, minimalist look that fits squarely in our range.

The individual Common beads have a 1:1 aspect ratio, meaning the two-stack setup is longer feeling than most of our sets, much like our Micro Bosses. However, the cylindrical shape of the beads provides a nice element of control when manipulating the beads during play. The Mokuti beads weigh in at around 4g each, making the sets light and nimble at around 16g overall, depending on cord choice. The beads feature a 3.5mm "Goldilocks" bore, making them suitable for play with either 275 or 550 paracord, or our 4.7g (roughly 2.8 to 3.5mm) 100% silk cord. These beads also thrive is on thinner cord, much like the common Greek beads on which they are based. 


  • Bead weight: ~4g
  • Set weight: ~16g
  • Varieties: 
    • 3 x Titanium + 1 Mokuti Common Begleri
    • full (4 beads) Mokuti Common Begleri
  • Mokuti material, heat treated and polished 
  • Ships on AO2's new custom 100% silk cord


The elegant Mokuti material is forged from folded layers of different titanium grades, then precision machined, polished, and torched to create eye-popping colour patterns, reminiscent of wood grain. When machined to our specifications, the grains of the material become exposed in a way that accentuates the appearance of the curves, creating a beautiful topographic relief. Each piece is quite unique, with its own grain patterns and slight colour differences. All pieces range from dark purple to blue to grey, and include lighter orange/ gold striping. The pieces shown in the photos are representative of the range.

New to begleri? Check out Aroundsquare's AO2 Crew demonstrating what this toy's all about, via the talented guys at Kuma Films (below). You may also want to visit our general information page on begleri, or do a deep dive on the history, configurations, or manipulation of this remarkable little toy.

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