Banzhi Thumb Rings - Zirc Edition
Banzhi Thumb Rings - Zirc Edition
Banzhi Thumb Rings - Zirc Edition

Banzhi Thumb Rings - Zirc Edition

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Banzhi Thumb Rings - Zirc Edition

Our banzhi thumb rings are now well established in our product range. If you have one, you know the appeal of this simple, minimal form. They're comfortable to wear and make a nice statement on the hand, but the shape and weight make them very inviting for low key manipulations as well. The zirc material, as always, ups the game on these things with its solid heft and hypnotizing blackened finish. At launch these will be available with inner diameters of 20.5mm, 21.5mm, 22.5mm, and 23.5mm. 

General Information on the Banzhi Range

It's rare for an implement of warfare to evolve into an item of jewelry, but this is precisely the history of the banzhi. Otherwise known as Chinese archer's rings, the banzhi in it's modern form is usually a thickened, cylindrically shaped ring, designed to be worn on the thumb. The history of the banzhi dates back several thousand years, when wide thumb rings were commonly used in archery, to protect the thumb from the heavy tension of the bow string. In the 1800s, as archery became less relevant as a military skill, more stylized and ornamental banzhi became a popular. These banzhi were typically made from jade, horn, or other semi-precious materials. As we do, Aroundsquare's banzhi are an attempt to honour and extend this tradition into the present, with a clean, minimalist take on the traditional designs, and using high quality modern materials. 

The banzhi are designed to be worn and appreciated for their inherent characteristics, and are not designed for manipulation. Some basic ring manipulation moves can be performed with them, but they are at their best when handled low key, and they actually work well for breathwork and mindfulness (see this month's drop preview video for details). The substantial size and rounded shape of the rings makes them satisfying in the hand and for those of you who are accustomed to always carrying something for flipping around and doing tricks, you may find it's often enough to have something like this on hand.  


  • Sizes: sizes 20.5mm, 21.5mm, 22.5mm, and 23,5mm (interior diameters)
  • Thickness is ~4mm all the way around, meaning the overall diameter will be ~8mm wider than the interior diameter
  • Height is ~18mm, much more than a regular ring
  • Weight: Size 22.5: ~38.2g
  • Due to the width and overall chunkiness of the banzhi shape, they will feel very prominent on the thumb compared to a normal ring, and if you're unsure whether to size up or down, it's recommended you air on the large side.
  • Please do your homework to ensure you purchase the correct size. Exchanges on mint condition items will be allowed, but exchange shipping costs both ways will be the responsibility of the customer.

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