product orientation

Aroundsquare is quite unique in its product offerings, and we have the distinction of running a business selling products that most people have never heard of. If you're new to the scene, this page should help familiarize you with our offerings. 

Begleri: Two or more beads at either end of a short cord, designed to be flipped around between the fingers. Begleri originated in Greece as a traditional skill toy played by all ages. Aroundsquare has been instrumental in the development of the begleri community and the advancement of the art worldwide. 

KnucklebonesAroundsquare's knucklebones are simple carry items which are designed to be rolled between the fingers. Knucklebones are an Aroundsquare original, a design developed decades ago, which was first introduced commercially in 2017 and quickly spawned a whole new category of “knuckle rollers.”

Chetki: Perikidnye chetki (flipping chetki) are a unique approach to playable art that originated in Russia. Adapted from a linear orthodox rosary, flipping chetki first became popular in Russian prisons, where looped rosaries were not permitted. Aroundsquare's chetki reflect our modern, minimalist approach to this classic item. 

Deadeye CoinsAroundsquare’s Deadeyes are a range of sleekly designed coins developed specifically for manipulation, including knuckle rolling, sleight of hand, and contact juggling inspired tricks. Our Deadeyes serve well as worry stones, but for those with restless hands the Deadeyes offer much more through skill progression and creative expression.


MKUltrasAroundsquare’s MKUltras are our take on modern wearable beads, a mashup of traditional Greek komboloi and Asian mala beads. The Ultras can be worn on the wrist, but are also designed as a mindfulness tool, and are playable in a variety of ways, through simple bead counting, raindrops, and more sophisticated wraps and rolls.


DubuloDubulo is another Aroundsquare original designa highly versatile skill toy that can be played in a variety of different styles. The toy, marketed previously as Monkey Knuckles, consists of two sliding balls on a long cord, with counterweighted ends.

Deco: Our Deco blocks build on Aroundsquare's early history, designing and licensing award-winning wooden construction toys. The Deco blocks are intentionally designed for abstract play. The different designs allow for building outwards in every dimension, and the creation of structures which are both architecturally and geometrically interesting, as well as visually pleasing.

Stationery Products: With our expertise in machined metal manufacturing, and our love for all things analogue, Aroundsquare launched into stationary in 2019, with the introduction of our iconic K-OS pens. This has been followed by two progressive notebook releases, including the tall format Basic Scribbler, and the uniquely pocket sized Pocket Slims. Fountain pens forthcoming. 

Jewelry and Accessories: Much of our product line could be rightly classified as accoutrements. While most of our products are playable manipulatives, many are also wearable as accessories, including as pendants, wristwear, or hung from belt loops. In addition, we have a growing line of dedicated jewelry, including our very popular Normal Rings, a chunky but comfortable update on the comfort fit band.

Apparel: Since 2020, Aroundsquare has been producing its own custom cut and sewn clothing and knitwear. Our garments are designed from the ground up for high comfort and function, and a distinctive, practical fit.