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general information

  • What is this freaking place? Aroundsquare is a small company devoted to healthy development, inside and out. We got our start in the 2000s developing award-winning tools and toys for creative development. While we've grown well beyond those roots and expanded into all kinds of product categories, we strive to retain that playful edge in all we do. More info here. 
  • What are all these weird looking things? Everything we sell is designed by us, and is custom made to our specs. We delight in creating and sharing awesome things that most people have never seen before, and even when we get into an established product category, we always make sure we're bringing something fresh and different to the space. More info here. 
  • What's the difference? We put out an almost monthly leaflet about critical thinking, metacognition, and the difference between an orange. If you're interested, check it out, it's analogue and it's free. More info here. 
  • I heard you give stuff away for free, what's that all about? We don't want costs to get in the way of people being able to enjoy the benefits of using these products. To that end, we operate something we call the B•Bank. More info here. 

our manipulatives

other product information

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