Aroundsquare’s Knucklebone is the original hardbody knuckle roller. It is a skill toy that is manipulated with the fingers to perform tricks and patterns, or simply to pass the time. It is very discrete (unless dropped) and can be played in restricted spaces. The kbone makes a great EDC item, and serves well as a worry stone. But don’t be deceived. In the right hands, this toy is capable of complex technical tricks that can entertain for hours.

The original kbone was designed by Aroundsquare’s founder in 1989. AO2 launched the machined version in 2017, and has been supporting the emerging community through trick tutorials, sponsoring players and events, and other online activities.

Our Knucklebones are available in dozens of configurations and a wide range of different materials, to suit players of different styles and tastes. Our full Knucklebone collection can be viewed on the collection page