Custom High Density Kevlar Cord
Custom High Density Kevlar Cord
Custom High Density Kevlar Cord
Custom High Density Kevlar Cord
Custom High Density Kevlar Cord
Custom High Density Kevlar Cord

Custom High Density Kevlar Cord

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High Density Kevlar Cord

In order to provide alternatives to standard paracord varieties, Aroundsquare has undertaken custom manufacturing of a variety of new cords, purpose built for our products. Our Kevlar cords are all woven at high density for superior feel and durability. 

4mm/ 12-strand/ 7.3g Cord

Our 4mm/ 7g Kevlar cord was developed as an alternative to the 550 paracord used on most of our begleri models. The cord is a 12-strand weave, which is round (actually hexagonal) in shape, and slightly wider than most 550 paracord, but also softer and more compactable, making it fairly easy to use with most begleri sets. Although the weave is coarser looking than 550 paracord, the feel is somewhat softer, and it tends to move nicely through the fingers without binding. The construction also helps it to retain its shape and makes it less prone to flattening than standard paracord. Note that Kevlar does not melt easily, and a lighter will not melt or flatten the cord, which means that the cord needs to be knotted and tasseled. When cutting the cord, it is recommended that a small piece of clear tape be used to compress the cord and keep it from fraying, which will make it vastly easier to insert into the bore or your begleri. 


  • 12-strand round/ hexagonal woven kevlar cord
  • 7.3g/m spec weight
  • ~4mm diameter (comparable to 550 paracord
  • Available in 2m, 5m, and 10m hanks 

Optimized for use with the following products: 

  • Any begleri with a 3.5mm or 4mm bore

2mm/ 12-strand/ 3.4g Cord

Aroundsquare's new 2mm high density kevlar cord is a full custom product, manufactured to our individual specifications, and unlike anything else you'll find on the market. The cord is a round-woven 12-strand construction, with a smooth feel and clean appearance. The cord is woven at high density, giving it less compressibility and more strength than average cord, with a spec weight of around 3.4g/m. This distinguishes it from most other commercially available kevlar, and the difference is clear. It is smoother and finer in both appearance and feel, it is extraordinarily strong, and is extremely durable. Importantly, as it ages, it doesn't swell in the same manner as coarser cords, and as it wears, it gets softer without a significant impact on performance.

The cord designed as an alternative to 275 paracord, or the 2mm accessory cord from Sterling Ropes that we use on many of our products, and was developed with our MKUltras front of mind. For the two strand compression into the lock bead, it's darn near perfect. It fits the standard 3.5mm bore of our Micro Boss and Lil' Boss beads exactly as intended. It is a breeze to install (with just a tiny bit of tape), and it holds the boss bead snug enough to keep it in place well, while still being easy to adjust. 

Kevlar cord, especially at high density, is relatively stiff when it's new, but it softens up considerably with use. In the first few days, the surface will show some lightening and aging, but it stabilizes quickly with minimal further changes. As our Kevlar cord ages, it takes on a look and feel of soft cotton, but while cotton tends to fray and degrade pretty quickly, this is not the case with Kevlar. The feel is actually quite velvety and soft. It remains soft to the touch, and supple to manipulate. As the cord ages, it retains the same properties, and based on our tests thus far (we're a couple months in on this cord), it should have very good longevity. 


  • 12-strand round woven kevlar cord
  • 3.4g/m spec weight
  • ~2mm diameter (comparable to 275 paracord
  • Available in 5m and 10m hanks 

Optimized for use with the following products: 

  • All metal MKUltras (not recommended for wooden or jade bodhi Ultras)
  • Any begleri with a 3mm or 3.5mm bore (not recommended for 4mm bore) 
  • Mini Monkey Knuckles - Delrin Edition

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