Dubulo - Mini Delrin Edition
Dubulo - Mini Delrin Edition
Dubulo - Mini Delrin Edition
Dubulo - Mini Delrin Edition
Dubulo - Mini Delrin Edition
Dubulo - Mini Delrin Edition
Dubulo - Mini Delrin Edition
Dubulo - Mini Delrin Edition

Dubulo - Mini Delrin Edition

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Dubulo - Mini Delrin Edition

The new Mini Dubulo in Delrin are an ultra smooth, and highly portable version of the original. They rival the larger Delrin version in terms of flow and playability, in a much smaller package. They feature a thinner cord (the same used on the wooden versions), which is strong, supple, and abrasion resistant, and since the balls themselves are lightweight, the thin cord is comfortable to manipulate when performing tricks. The knuckles and end grips are machined from high quality POM/ delrin material, which will hold up to any abuse you give them. The larger balls measure XX in diameter, with a 3.5mm bore, and the cylindrical end grips are ~11x11mm with a 3.5mm bore. Each set weighs around XX g all in. They will ship with with two additional strings, a carry bag, an info card, and a couple of stickers.

See the last photo in the set (all black) for a side by side comparison of the new Minis on the left, compared to the original sized Delrin (middle), and the slightly larger Delrin "Moknuckle" beads on the right. 


  • Includes two "knuckles" ~27mm in diameter, and two cylindrical grips 11x11mm
  • Large "knuckle" bead weight: ~13.7g (yes, they do make serviceable begleri, but a bit awkward due to the size)
  • Small grip bead weight: ~1.2g
  • Full set weight ~34.3g
  • Bore size on all beads is 3.5mm
  • Available in single colour sets: black, white, blue, green, yellow, red
  • Ships on AO2's new custom 12-strand, high density, 2mm Kevlar cord, and includes Sterling Ropes 2mm accessory cord as spare/ alternative

NOTE: For "Custom" colour combinations, select "custom" in the dropdown, and be sure to use traditional click through checkout so you can include a note about your colour choices for two large knuckles and two small grip beads.

Note that because the delrin models are so smooth on the string, they are slightly more difficult to learn the basics on than the wooden models. Intermediate and advanced players will almost certainly appreciate and prefer the feel and performance of the delrin, but beginners may prefer to start on one of the wooden models, or to start developing their skills with just one ball on the string, until they develop a feel for the way these flow.

General Info on Dubulo

Dubulo is about as simple as a toy can be. It consists of two large balls tethered on a string, with two small beads at either end that serve as grips or counterweights. The design of the toy allows players to integrate elements of play from a number of other skill toys, including yo-yos, poi, and others, as well as totally unique styles of play. The idea is to use the different structural elements in order to create different patterns of motion, isolated tricks, and combinations. You'll find a solid base of tutorials introducing different styles of play, tricks, and tips for getting started on our tutorial playlist.

Dubulo was first developed in 2003, partially in response to trends seen with other toys, including other skill toys, becoming increasingly high tech and complicated. Dubulo was an attempt to get back to a more basic kind of play that was not reliant on precision engineering, and would offer a rewarding experience for beginners learning their first tricks, as well as having the depth to allow advanced players to come up with far more technical moves.

Dubulo allows for both individual tricks and continuous flow which links tricks together. One of the unique features of the toy is that there is rarely a drop or a "reset" required. When a trick is missed, it is relatively easy for players to recover by linking their play with a different move instead. 

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