Knucklebone - Slimini Titanium
Knucklebone - Slimini Titanium
Knucklebone - Slimini Titanium
Knucklebone - Slimini Titanium
Knucklebone - Slimini Titanium
Knucklebone - Slimini Titanium

Knucklebone - Slimini Titanium

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"Slimini" Knucklebone

Aroundsquare knucklebones are a pocket friendly skill toy that can be manipulated to perform tricks, or just pass the time. With the original kbones, we sparked a whole new category of skill toys, but make no mistake, Aroundsqure's Knucklebones are the original hardbody knuckle rollers. The kbone "smalls" are a downsized version of the originals, packing high performance and high end materials into an even smaller, more pocket friendly unit. 

Our new "Slimini" Knucklebone can best be described as a slimmed down version of our extremely popular Mini sized kbone. The idea was to try to integrate the most appealing features of all three sizes of our metal knucklebones.. slimming the form factor down as much as possible to reduce weight like the micro size, approximating the length and max diameter of the mini size for a streamlined and pocket friendly size, and maximizing the length of the grip section to make the unit easy to use for people with larger hands, and to benefit from the longer weight distribution of the original size. The resulting design hits the mark on all three. While kbone selection is ultimately a personal preference, this trim unit has a lot to offer for folks looking for a minimalist, high performance roller. The titanium Sliminis feature a comfortable machine finish that minimizes friction, along with a distinctive Aroundsquare word mark as a stamp of authenticity. 

Deep Dive

Different players have their own favourite sizes, materials, and setups of Knucklebones. The original size is appealing to many for its weight distribution and general reliability for trick performance. The adorable “micro” is incredibly pocket friendly, and serviceable for tricks, but it can tend to slip out of the hands more than the larger ones. Many players have found the “mini” size hits the Goldilocks zone for the combination of playable size, light weight, and being pocket friendly. But as time has passed, we began to wonder about the potential for a slimmed down version with slightly exaggerated curves.. trying to retain the light weight and pocketability of the “micro” size, with the performance and reliability of the original and mini. The resulting project evolved to a slimmed down version most closely resembling our mini size. 

Probably the most interesting aspect of the new geometry is the accentuated middle “grip” section, which feels very much extended, due to the smaller radius of the end knobs, and just how thin it is in the middle. This has the effect of helping to lock the fingers into position and centre the knucklebone. This helps to prevent it from slipping out of the fingers, even despite the relatively small end knobs. If you're accustomed to our existing Knucklebones, be prepared for a very different feel, and it may take some time for your technique to adjust and your tricks to smooth out with it, but it has been certified as a high performance unit here in house, and by top tier players in the community. 


  • Material: Grade 5 titanium
  • Finish: Low friction machine finish
  • Weight: ~25.6g (compared to the Micro at ~22g, the Mini at ~31g, and the OG at ~44.5g)
  • Length: ~55mm (compared to the Micro at ~48mm, the Mini at ~54mm, and the OG at ~60mm)
  • Max diameter: ~17mm (compared to the Micro at ~16mm, the Mini at ~18mm, and the OG at ~20mm)
  • Min diameter: ~5mm (compared to the Micro at 6.4mm, the Mini at ~7.2mm, and the OG at ~8mm

    Warnings: Metal versions are heavy and solid--can break things or hurt things if dropped. It is recommended that you play over carpet, couch, or the like, or outside. Also, they are theoretically ingestible, so keep them away from young kids. 

    For more information on Aroundsquare's Kbones, visit the Knucklebone product page

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