Custom Pure Silk Cord (components)
Custom Pure Silk Cord (components)
Custom Pure Silk Cord (components)

Custom Pure Silk Cord (components)

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Custom Pure Silk Cord

Aroundsquare's new silk cords are a fully custom product, manufactured to our individual specifications, and unlike anything else you'll find on the market. In fact, it is extremely difficult to find real silk cord for purchase anywhere period. Most of what is listed online as silk cord is actually synthetic fibres, and it was the lack of real silk cord that compelled us to seek out a manufacturer who could make some for us. Or cords are 100% pure silk, and round-woven with 12 strands and core, much like conventional paracord. The cord is surprisingly robust (our supplier actually provides silk for industrial applications as well, due to its awesome properties). Although it can fray, it resists wear very well, and tends to get smoother and softer with use. The cord is slightly dynamic, meaning it has a small amount of stretch to it. Although it looks quite like standard paracord, it has a softer feel to it, especially after some use. It holds its shape well and doesn't tend to flatten out or stiffen over time. Note that (like Kevlar) the ends can't be singed flat; however, the tassels on the silk cord are extremely soft and definitely score as a feature not a bug. Our custom 100% silk cord is available in three weights/ thicknesses. 

Details and recommended uses: 

  • 7g (roughly 4mm thick): best for begleri with a 4mm bore (can work with 3.5mm), and available in black (with blue core) or blue (with white core); slightly thicker/ cushier than 550 paracord, and slightly coarser in weave
  • 4.7g (roughly 2.8 to 3.5mm thick): suitable for begleri with a 3 to 4mm bore, and available in black (with blue core); most similar to 550 paracord, but softer
  • 3.8g (roughly 2.5mm thick): suitable for any metal or Delrin MKUltras, or begleri with a 3 to 3.5mm bore; similar to 275 paracord, but much softer (not recommended for jade bodhi or wooden ultras, as they are more prone to snagging on the cord)
  • All options sold in 2m lengths 

See the photos below for more insight. The photo with the three begleri sets show the three thicknesses strung up thickest (top) to thinnest (bottom).


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