MKUltras - Zirc Long Form Editions
MKUltras - Zirc Long Form Editions
MKUltras - Zirc Long Form Editions
MKUltras - Zirc Long Form Editions
MKUltras - Zirc Long Form Editions
MKUltras - Zirc Long Form Editions
MKUltras - Zirc Long Form Editions

MKUltras - Zirc Long Form Editions

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MKUltras - Zirc Long Form Editions

The beautiful zirconium editions of the MKUltras are precision machined from solid zirc, and then polished and torched to a gorgeous finish. The material has a deep grey/ black finish, which has the appearance of some depth.

The Long Form editions of the Ultras are designed with additional length and beads, allowing them to be worn in a double loop around the wrist, and providing extra length for satisfying raindrops and bead counting. The Zirc Long Forms are available with either 10mm or 8mm beads, each featuring a 15mm Boss bead to close the loop, and 8mm beads on the tassels.

Precious Metal Editions: The 8mm Zirc Long Forms are also available with the option of an eye popping 24k gold Boss, or a stunning Sterling silver Boss. The 15mm boss beads are molded rather than machined, which has enabled us to form the logos right into the beads, rather than etching them on afterwards. This gives a depth and texture to the logos which makes them all the more distinctive. The understated classiness of the smaller zirc beads sets the precious metals off, taking these sets up into a tier of their own.  


  • 8mm Zirc Long Forms: 41x 8mm beads + 1x 15mm Lil Boss bead(~68g per set)
  • 10mm Zirc Long Forms: 33x 10mm Micro Boss beads + 1x 15mm lil Boss bead(~110g per set)
  • Gold edition: 41x 8mm beads + 1 x 15mm gold bead (~80g per set)
    • Gold weight: ~24.66g        
  • Silver edition: 41x 8mm beads + 1 x 15mm Silver bead (~70g per set)
    • Silver weight: ~13.8g
  • Zirconium material, heat treated and polished 
  • All beads drilled with 3.5mm bore
  • Ships on AO2's new custom 100% silk cord, and includes a spare strand of our new custom 2mm Kevlar cord

General Information on the Long Form MKUltras

The Long Form Editions have been designed primarily for the "raindrop" style of play. The extra beads provide a satisfying sound and feel as they clack together. Because of the length of the sets, they are somewhat cumbersome for flipping around and doing technical tricks, but they still allow for some basic manipulation. The sets are designed to be worn with a double loop around the wrist, but note that the beads themselves will probably fully cover the cord, meaning that exposed cord will complete the wrap (see photo for reference). Click here to see the Ultras in action on our Instagram feed.

General Info on the Ultras - Mala/ Komboloi Hybrid Beads

The MKUltras are a hybrid design, combining elements of traditional Mala and Komboloi beads. The MKUltra name gives a nod to this lineage, as well as their experience as tools to help us focus our minds and still our thoughts. They can be used in a variety of ways, ranging from quiet bead counting, through to raucous flipping. 

The unique setup of the MKUltras allows them to be worn like mala beads, or carried discretely in the pocket. They adjust by means of a simple friction fit through the larger "Boss" bead closure. Although the design is exceedingly simple, we're fairly confident you won't find anything quite like them around. This is a knotless system, and does not require any special lock bead. The cord is simply compressed when threaded through the Boss bead, providing a reliable, secure fastener, that is easy to adjust when needed.

In this way, the Ultras can be worn on the wrist, or loosened and slid up above the elbow to keep them out of the way when needed. Excess cordage can be knotted loosely around the Boss bead when they are worn on the wrist, or left dangling. This modifiable arrangement allows them to be used very quietly, for simple bead counting used in breath work and meditation, to "raindrop" methods marked by the satisfying, rhythmic clacking of the beads, as well as much more physical methods of manipulation which resemble short game begleri play. While they aren't intended as a highly technical skill toy, there is still a solid range of moves you can link together, and lots of ways of working with them.

The MK Ultras consist of 19 Micro Boss beads (~12mm), and one 15mm Boss bead to close the loop. They are strung on durable 2mm accessory cord. The current batch of cord features a red/ orange core, which makes an excellent tassel, or can be trimmed for a straight black finish. The Ultras are available in a variety of materials. The gr5 titanium model features a discretely etched Boss bead, marked with your choice of either our AO2 logo, or the full AROUNDSQUARE word mark. The Ultras are also available in 7075 aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and copper. The aluminum and stainless models feature a light wordmark on the boss bead. The brass and copper models may have faint traces of the original wordmark, but they have been lightly tumbled in order to achieve a matching finish on all 20 beads, and this process has essentially erased the logo etching on these softer metals. Click here to see the Ultras in action on our Instagram feed.

New to the Ultras? You can wear em on your wrist, or check out the video below for some other examples of what these beads are capable of. 


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