documenting the history and development of begleri


Anyone who has searched online for information on the history of begleri will have found that there isn't very much documented--at least not in English. There are a handful of pages discussing the history and cultural significance of komboloi, and the relationship to other worry beads, but begleri tends to be mentioned only in passing, if at all. Aroundsquare has been actively involved in the development of the begleri community since 2015, and has contributed a lot to the modern history of the toy in the years since then. Through numerous conversations with Greek players and sellers, as well as other players who have spent time in the region, we've gathered together some additional information on the history and development of this crazy little toy. We've compiled it on a few pages linked below, and will endeavour to build out this section of our site further going forward. 

Begleri Main Page

Begleri History and Development

Begleri Configurations, Beads, String Length and more

Begleri Manipulation, Grips, and Tricks

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