Titan (Delrin) Single Beads


Titan (Delrin) Single Beads


NOTE: These are SINGLE SHELLS, not sets, and not complete beads. 

These are single Titan Hardcore bead shells made from Delrin. They are listed individually to allow you to choose your own colours and build your own set. Please note that these are NOT standalone begleri beads. They weigh only around 4.3g each and require the Hardcore Gut System beads (sold separately) to give them sufficient weight to play well. They are drilled with a top bore of 3.5mm, our "goldilocks bore" which works great with 275 paracord, and can comfortably accommodate most 550 paracord without much fuss. The Titan Delrin beads are precision machined and are roughly the same size as the Titan AL Sport series. They are fully Hardcore Compatible. Each Delrin shell will be sent with one string.

The Titan bead design was our first big solo release, and quickly became a classic in the begleri community. The domed top is very comfortable to hold, and slides easily between the fingers, while avoiding any catch points on the string. The cylindrical barrels give great bead control, and the rounded bottoms add to the comfort and nimbleness of the beads. 

Delrin is a robust plastic material with very good impact resistance, hence its frequent use in things like knife handles and shop tools. It has a warm feel, and during play, it has a pleasant clack that sounds a little bit like wood. Although it is a plastic, it has metal like properties, and stubbornly resists cracking and chipping. It is, nonetheless a plastic, and it will scratch and dent in a manner similar to aluminum. One advantage of the material, however, is that the colour completely saturates the material, and therefore the colours are retained even after heavy wear. 


  • Single shells made from Delrin material, available in six colours
  • 4.3g each without a core
  • 3.5mm "goldilocks" top bore, which works with 275 and 550 paracord
  • Roughly 20mm by 20mm (similar shape and size to the Titan AL Sport series)
  • Fully hardcore compatible.. they fit all of our hardcore gut system beads
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