Everyman AL Hardcore - Sloppy Fades


Everyman AL Hardcore - Sloppy Fades

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Everyman - AL Hardcore Fade (Aluminum) with SS Micro Standards

*Note: These fades are sloppy, irregular, streaky, uneven, blotchy, too dark, too light, overlapping, stained, strained, and complained. The photos contain randomly selected beads.. many are not too bad, but please understand that they are not going to be perfect.. hence the price. Apart from the anodizing, the beads are perfectly legit.. knock em hard and pretty soon the imperfections won't be noticeable anymore. Great beater set.  

General Info on the Everyman Design:

The Everyman series, is Aroundsquare's most refined begleri design to date. The design of the beads is simple, intentionally "average"..  hence the Everyman name. It borrows some of the best elements of both the Titans and the Hydras, and integrates them in a fresh shape. It's bigger than one, and smaller than the other. It's nothing bizarre. It's just normal. It's average. It's the Everyman. 

The Everyman bead design updates the shape of the conventional "Standard Issue" Greek begleri for modern technical begleri play. The sloping top of the beads helps prevent the string from jamming up during rolls, like the rounded tops of the Titans. Like the Hydras, it features straight angles which help with grip and bead control, as well as a compact size which makes the beads nimble during play. While the beads are relatively small, at 17mm by 17mm, they feel substantial in the hand due to the angles, and carry good weight. 

The Everyman "AL Hardcore" Series:

The Everyman Heavy Metal series is precision machined from high quality aluminum. The AL Hardcore series is Hardcore Compatible, meaning they have a sufficient internal space to house the beads of the Hardcore Gut System. This allows players to customize the weight of their setup. The AL Hardcore Fade beads weigh in at just 5.9g on their own, meaning most players are going to want to use them with the configurable Hardcore Gut System beads. These sets ship with our stainless steel Micro Standards, which fit neatly inside the Everyman casing, giving a total combined weight of 13.4g per end.

Everyman AL Hardcore Details: 

  • Aluminum..
    • Relatively soft and light metal, will scratch and ding, especially with hard use and drops
    • Anodized coatings increases surface hardness, and will not tarnish or patina with normal use, but will scratch and wear
    • Fade patterns vary, some lighter, some darker, some overlapping, some gradual, some abrupt (see photo for reference)
    • Pretty much odourless
  • Compatible with AO2's Hardcore Gut System, and ships with 2 stainless steel Micro Standards
  • Additional items, including cords, stickers, bags etc. vary depending on availability and may not be as shown
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