Cardistry Tutorials (download)

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Cardistry Tutorials (download)


The AO2 Cardistry bundle features 2 advanced moves, Sherman Avenue and Glenston, from artist Weston Hamilton of the AO2 Crew.

Aroundsquare is proud to present two new original cardistry tutorials by artist Weston Hamilton of the AO2 Crew. Please note that these are advanced tutorials, and not intended for beginning cardists.

These tutorials are presented with crisp high resolution filming and detailed verbal instruction. When you purchase, you’ll gain access to a downloadable document that contains a link to download the actual tutorial (due to hosting limitations with our e-commerce, the files are served out by Dropbox). Download links will be valid for 24 hours after purchase. Please download the tutorial promptly after purchase, and keep the file, because links will be changed regularly to prevent piracy. 

For a sample of the look and style of these tutorials, be sure to check out the new cardistry playlist over on the Aroundsquare YouTube channel.

Sherman Avenue

Sherman Avenue’s strengths feature fresh grips, a memorable moment of “appearance”, and a unique closer. This cut will help open new doors mentally for those who create their own cuts and provide a challenge for those who enjoy learning new moves.


Glenstone was the fan-favorite and finale move of the AO2 Cardistry video “Palettes”.  Its best known for its closer, which involves to balanced packets spinning on curled fingertips then landing flush.  The move itself is a triumph from a creative standpoint because it takes a new pathway from the be-all-end-all of cardistry: the Z Grip.

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