Aroundsquare's Mini Knucklebone in incredible 24k pure platinum!
Knucklebone Mini - Platinum Edition
Knucklebone Mini - Platinum Edition
Knucklebone Mini - Platinum Edition

Knucklebone Mini - Platinum Edition

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Knucklebone Mini - Platinum Edition

Aroundsquare's Knucklebones were first introduced commercially back in 2017, and they sparked a whole new category of pocket friendly manipulatives that combine the creative expression of skill toys with the quiet fidget-friendly ergonimics of a worrystone. The clean, minimalist aesthetics have made the knucklebones a staple among savvy design conscious EDC folks. 

Our initial offerings were modest, with brass and stainless steel models, it wasn't long before we introduced the coveted titanium edition. Demand for more exotic high end materials pushed us to introduce models in mokuti, zirconium, mokume gane, damascus steel, and stunning zircuti in quick succession. 

Fast forward to 2022, and we are extremely proud to offer, for the first time ever, an absolute luxury level knucklebone in solid, 24k platinum. This exquisite piece is cast from 99.9% pure platinum, and polished to a stunning finish. It features a distinctive debossed Aroundsquare wordmark, which sets this precious metal series apart from all other models. The Platinum Edition weighs in at 142.52g.


  • 24k (99.9% or 0.999 pure) Platinum
  • Weight: 142.52g
  • 54mm long x 18mm max diameter ("Mini" Knucklebone size)  

Warnings: Metal versions are heavy and solid--can break things or hurt things if dropped. It is recommended that you play over carpet, couch, or the like, or outside. Also, they are theoretically ingestible, so keep them away from young kids. 

For more information on Aroundsquare's Kbones, visit the Knucklebone product page

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