Newton Cores - Aluminum
Newton Cores - Aluminum
Newton Cores - Aluminum

Newton Cores - Aluminum

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The Newtons or “Newts” for short, are a lightweight, minimalist insert to accompany our "hardcore compatible" begleri shells. Please note that, unlike the heavier metal models, the aluminum Newts are not heavy enough to play on their own. For this reason, they do not ship with cords or silicone bands. 

The Newts feature a flanged design that will fill the recess on hardcore shells, and will protrude at the bottom, giving a splash of colour to the base of the beads. These beads are designed to fit inside any “Hardcore Compatible” set, such as the Modern Standards, the Everyman (hardcore models), and the Curio begleri. They also fit our silicone bands, through which you gain the advantages of excellent bead control on the sides of the beads, without being slowed down by grip at the top of the bead. 

The AL Newts are available in matched colour pairs, and in a 10-pack (2pcs x 5 colours).


  • Newt core aluminum: 2.7g - $15/pair

  • Newt core aluminum 10-pack: $35

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