Knucklebone - Aluminum
Knucklebone - Aluminum
Knucklebone - Aluminum

Knucklebone - Aluminum

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Knucklebone - Aluminum Modular

The aluminum Knucklebones are precision machined from 7075 aluminum, and feature a stunning sandblasted finish, and a subtle "aroundsquare" word mark around the grip section. The sand blasted finish is aesthetically beautiful, but more importantly, it plays incredibly well. The finish provides the right amount of grip, while still feeling smooth, with a low friction contact for rolling between the fingers. The weight of the solid aluminum kbones is perfect for players of all ability levels, and this model is preferred by many top players. 


  • Material: 7075 aluminum
  • Finish: natural sand blasted
  • Weight: 28g

General Info on the Kbone

AO2's Knucklebone is the original hardbody knuckle roller, and remains the tool of choice for the best players around the world. The Knucklebone is a simple skill toy that is manipulated with the fingers of one or both hands to perform tricks and patterns, or simply to pass the time. It is very discrete (unless dropped) and can be played in very restricted spaces, and in contexts where other showier skill toys may not be appropriate. A growing range of tutorials are available online at the AO2 YouTube channel

Please note that the weight and hard material mean it will make a loud noise when it is dropped on hard surfaces, and has the potential to break things in its path. Be careful with it. Some metals are relatively soft, and will still show scratches and dings on the drop portions.. it falls with weight, so it hits concrete hard. 

The original knucklebone was developed circa 1989, when Aroundsquare's founder was a kid in school. Tired of getting in trouble from teachers for standing up in class and playing with his yo-yo, he undertook to develop a more discrete toy to keep his hands busy and express creativity through tricks. The crude original version was made from polymer clay. The modern version is an updated and refined model, better suited to bigger hands, and optimized for smoother flow and better trick potential.  

Warnings: Metal versions are heavy and solid--can break things or hurt things if dropped. It is recommended that you play over carpet, couch, or the like, or outside. Delrin versions look almost tasty, so keep them away from young kids, and don't let anyone try to ingest them. 

For more information on Aroundsquare's Kbones, visit the Knucklebone product page

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Frank Feise
The Unicorn

Surly; this is individually, but Aluminium has the perfect weight and size to do all tricks. There are lighter or heavier or smaller onces to do THAT single Trick the best, but this one is the unicorn.

Pete (Devon)
Hits the sweet spot!

Weight-wise, this aluminium bone sits nicely in between Delrin & titanium. As many prefer their bones on the lighter side but also like the texture of the metals, this is a perfect solution. It’s nice & light on the fingers, enabling an easy, smooth flow to your ‘sonics’ etc. For those looking for a great, light, EDC, I cannot think of a better choice. Five stars!!

Marc M.
Amazing fidget!

I really enjoy my aluminum knuckle roller. I typically like click type fidgets which aren't appropriate on all occasions. But this one scratches that itch and allows you to be subtle in professional environments.

Good texture and balance. A perfect under the table fidget.