15mm Zirc Mala Beads
15mm Zirc Mala Beads
15mm Zirc Mala Beads

15mm Zirc Mala Beads

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15mm Zirc Mala Beads

Aroundsquare's take on the classic mala beads, a wearable worry bead set used around the world to focus the mind and steady the nerves. The polished black of the zirc material gives an understated elegance to this impressive set. The beads have a satisfying weight and crisp clack when they hit together during bead counting. 

Our mala bead bracelets are uniquely strung on our custom made 2mm high density Kevlar cord. Each set consists of 15 x 15mm zirc beads, with an 11.8mm zirc micro boss bead, and four matching 8mm beads on the tassels. The beads are technically wearable, and come strung with a triple overhand knot to help lock in the size adjustment below the Boss bead, but it should be noted that the size and weight of these beads gives them a substantial feel on the wrist, which may not be to everyone's taste. 

While the smaller and lighter sets have their place, there is something really unique about having a set of large beads like this, hefty in the hand, and designed specifically for breath work, bead counting, and meditation. It's a little bit hard to articulate, but the fact that these sets are decidedly NOT for flipping, somehow moves them into a different category of thing, and encourages us to slow down and work more on the things they are designed for. It's a bit like having fewer apps on your phone, or fewer papers on your desk.. it structures your mindset for what you want the thing for. 

Details on the zirc edition: 

  • 15 x 15mm beads + 1 x 11.8mm end bead + 4 x 8mm beads (~175g)
  • All beads precision machined from zirconium, polished, and torched to bring out the material's signature colour

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