aroundsquare makes press

2019/04/20 The Gadgeteer: Aroundsquare Skill Toys Review

2016/09/19 Skill Toy Network: Begleri, the Newest Old Skill Toy - Interview with Matthew Hiebert

2016/03/26 Cyyclical: MFD x AO2 Wukong Begleri

2016/01/06 Skuid Blog: Mentioned in The Skuid Story: Solving Problems Since Day One

2015/11/01 Laughing Squid: Monkey Knuckles, A Simple Skill Toy That Combines Different Elements From Juggling, Poi, Yo-Yoing, Astrojax, and More

2015/10/29 TrendHunter: Nunchuck Skill Toys

2015/10/15 Coolthings: Monkey Knuckles Is A New Skill Toy To Waste Hours Inventing Tricks On

2015/03/23 Yomega: Yomega's New Skill Toy

2015/03/04 YOYONEWS.COM: Yomega Announces New Monkey Knuckles Toy

2015/02/25 Yomega's YouTube Channel: Yomega Monkey Knuckles Preview

2014/12/14 Twig Construction Set Review: A nice review of our Twig building blocks design, which we licensed to Fat Brain Toys some years ago. 

2014/08/30 Democracy in Education: Aroundsquare's Matthew Hiebert presents three lectures on enhancing education with the principles of democracy and critical thinking 

2014/02/28 Good Housekeeping: The Toy Trends We See Coming This Year: Back to Basics

2014/01/28 International Foundation for Electoral Systems: Aroundsquare's Matthew Hiebert participates in panel presentation: Fostering Democracy Through Education

2013/10/24 REAP: The Building Blocks of a Better World

2013/Fall Various: Aroundsquare's Twig design was featured in a number of articles related to the Slow Toy Awards

2013/08/20 Academics' Choice: Goodwood Deconstruction Blocks with 2013 Summer Academics' Choice Mind Spring Award

2013/08/20 Fat Brain Toys: Why toy design matters

2013/04/30 Commonwealth Secretariat: Education for Sustainable Development in Small Island Developing States, written by Aroundsquare's Matthew Hiebert

2013/04/30 Fat Brain Toys: Q&A with twig inventor Matthew Hiebert

2013/03/18 UVA Today: Aroundsquare's Matthew Hiebert mentioned in article: International Democracy Education Advocates Convene at U.Va.'s Morven Farm 

2013/02/15 The Giggle Guide: Aroundsquare Changes the Shape of Play

2012/12/11 Viewpoints: Kids and Toys (radio interview)

2013/01/02 TDmonthly: Q&A with Matthew Hiebert of Aroundsquare Ltd. 

2012/04/24 ProductMommy: Goodwood deconstructions directions and lets children play..

2011/12/29 DoesMommyLoveIt: “These are truly heirloom quality toys that are an investment in our planet as well as your child’s creativity” 

2011/08/23 Babyology: Goodwood wooden blocks will play with your mind

2011/06/23 Simple-momreviews

2010/04/22 Cool Mom Picks: Goodwood blocks are, well, good wood

2011/01/25 Kickcan & Conkers: Aroundsquare

2011/11/24 Avenue Magazine

2010/11/08 Deals for Deeds: Social Entrepreneurship Series - Cool Company Profile: aroundsquare

2010/09/08 University of Calgary, Faculty of Education: Child development not just fun and games

2010/09/01 Alberta Venture: the politics of play

2010/08/14 Calgary Herald

2010/08/14 U Magazine: King of creative play

2010/08/14 University of Calgary, Graduate Division of Educational Research:

2010 Parents’ Choice: parents’ choice gold award for twig

2009 TDmonthly: Twig

2009/03/09 Calgary Herald: innovative twig rolled out: calgarian’s answer to lego

2009 Grandkids Gift Guide: new twig wooden building blocks use renewable materials for open ended creative play - superproduct award winner

2009/06/08 Fat Brain Toy Co.:  fat brain toy co. [sic] wins parents’ choice gold award

2009 Gruntlings: a very comprehensive review of twig

2009 Oh Dee Doh: twig

2008/12/02 Fat Brain Toy Co.: fat brain toy co. unveils twig exclusively at famed metropolitan museum of art.

2008 Opinionated Parent: open-ended play with twig