Peyton Larsen


Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Background in skill-toys: I've tried/still do a lot. Kendama, balisong, cardistry, yoyo, speed stacking, cubing, kururin, poi, and of course, begleri

Daily-begleri: My daily begleri changes a lot but I find myself bringing my Delrin Everymen. They are my favorite.

EDC: 2-3 begelri, sketchbook, cardistry squids, and anything else that I see myself using during the day.

Favorite begleri trick:Backlash, beadrolls, ladders, aerials.

Goals: To progress in everything that I do, and to challenge myself by learning tricks every week.

Social Media Links:

Instagram - @peytonbegleri

YouTube - Peyton Begleri