Nina Pawlak

Age: 16

Hometown: Glasgow, United Kingdom

Background in skill-toys: I got into skill toys when I was about 9 years old. My first skill toy was a yoyo. Since then I think I’ve tried everything: begleri, speedcubing, yoyo, penspinning, cardistry, balisong, kendama, juggling, astrojax and speedstacking.

Daily-begleri: I can never decide which begleri to take with me. That’s why I usually have 3-5 sets on me. Right now my favourite ones are definitely Ti Titans, Ti Everyman and Delrin Everyman.


Favorite begleri trick: Beadrolls, whirls, aerials and mic toss (my version of mic drop).

Goals: Keep progressing and making up new tricks.

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