Gergely Izsák, Nick: Gera, KendaGera

Age: 27

Hometown - Rúbaň, Slovakia, Europe

Background in skilltoys/ manipulation: 
• 2010 - 2013 Yo-yo, yo-yo competitions
• 2013 - today Kendama
• 2016 - Kendama Pro, Sponsored player by Kendama Europe
• 2016 - started to play Begleri because I saw Matt video´s

Other interests: every skill toy, table football, arts, music, hobby photography, hobby video editing

Daily carry begleri: Plain TI Titan with blue cord - I like this thing for the first time I saw in Matt videos. I like it because of the shape (especially the knurling) and of the extra weight. These are undestroyable and easy to play with.

Other things in your EDC: Aroundsquare begleri bag, begleri, kendama, replacement cords and strings, camera, earphones, mobile phone with full of music, sunglasses, stickers

Favorite begleri trick/ combo: inside rolls, two finger rolls, aerials, the lock ( my trick)

Goals: Inner peace! Finding a beautiful place and nature where I can live. Master all kendama and begleri tricks and spread the love of these skill toys!

Social media links: 
• Instagram: @kendagera