social engineering

Aroundsquare is involved in a wide range of education activities. AO2 believes that the core purpose of education is social development, but that much of what is done in education around the world is about perpetuating hegemonic structures, and outdated ways of thinking and behaving. AO2's focus in education is on questioning taken for granted assumptions about educational ideas and practices, and reframing educational development with greater intentionality around social and environmental values. 

AO2's experience ranges from short-term consulting, to technical advisory work, monitoring and evaluation, and project management, and includes curriculum development, the design and delivery of capacity building programs, training of teachers and school leaders, assessment and monitoring systems, school development and educational planning, pedagogical reform, child development, educational resource development, critical/progressive education, and adult/professional education.  

AO2 is also involved in educational research, focused on tacit aspects of teaching and learning, and education's role in sustainable developmentdemocratization and social justice.  Knowing that social transformation is not something which can be achieved through conventional teaching approaches, AO2 is particularly interested in hidden (implicit) curricula which cultivate student dispositions, cognitive frameworks, deeply held assumptions, and behavioural patterns. This work explores the concept of tacit teaching, which involves creating a more intentional schooling context and experience for students--one which better reflects the values and principles that we hope students to develop.


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