Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Background in manipulation:
Used to (and still do) flip butterfly knives, or balisongs, for a couple years. More recently though Ive noticed a couple of my friends get into begleri, so I picked up a couple sets, got in contact with Matt and here I am now.

Begleri edc: Normally my edc begleri would be just the plain silver ti hydras with a black string.

EDC will also always include a balisong

My favorite begleri tricks are pretty much anything that includes a roll, so mainly up/down/infinite ladders, even if Im not very good at the latter (pun intended).

My goal is basically to find a way to make a living off of manipulation. Something of an odd goal but it's mostly just because so many people have told me I couldnt and I love to prove people wrong haha

Social Media: 
• Instagram: @knifestuff
• Snapchat: @crxwx