mess around

Aroundsquare approaches all activities with the simple mentality of craftwork. This means we care deeply about what we do, and we work on a scale where we can maintain excellent attention to detail and tailor our work to client needs. 

But the connection to craftwork is deeper than this. We also believe it is important to understand the back stories of the things around us. We give a lot of thought to how this is reflected in our working processes and final products. The best way to start thinking about back stories is to make those stories, or processes, explicit, and involve others in them. Crafting is a natural human process, and that one many people are increasingly alienated from. AO2 got its start as a craft business selling handmade works, and all of our work, both goods and services, remains grounded in this philosophy.

We think the world needs more craft, and to this end, we make all of our works open source. Give us a shout and we'd be happy to share our detailed designs and other works with you, and to give you some tips we've learned through our own experiences.