Bone Fragment Begleri - Titanium Skinnies
Bone Fragment Begleri - Titanium Skinnies
Bone Fragment Begleri - Titanium Skinnies

Bone Fragment Begleri - Titanium Skinnies

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Bone Fragment Begleri - Titanium Skinnies

Aroundsquare's Bone Fragments were originally released as components for our popular Modular Knucklebones, but were designed to play well as begleri as well. Some of these pieces are simply so good as begleri, they deserve their own listing, and these are among them.

The Titanium Skinnies have a very comfortable shape that is distinctive in our range for the fact that it is top-heavy. This gives the beads a unique feel, and makes them very easy to manipulate through tricks like bead rolls, as the centre of mass is up close to the cord, rather than out towards the extremity. They are also distinctive for the fact that they are noticeably longer than their width--unlike most of our beads which feature a 1:1 aspect ratio. If you're looking for a unique, yet highly adept little set of begleri, these may be for you. 


  • Weight: 9.3g per bead
  • Dimensions: roughly 16mm max diameter x 20mm tall
  • Finish: Natty (lightly polished)

NOTE: Unlike our other begleri, all "bone fragment" beads are threaded, allowing them to be screwed securely onto the modular kbone grips. There is sufficient room to recess a single overhand knot in 550 paracord, but due to the threads, you may need to screw/ unscrew the knot in and out of the recess. 

NOTE: Knucklebone grip sections NOT INCLUDED, but can be purchased separately under the modular kbone listing (sale price in effect this weekend only). 

New to begleri? Check out Aroundsquare's AO2 Crew demonstrating what this toy's all about, via the talented guys at Kuma Films (below). You may also want to visit our general information page on begleri, or do a deep dive on the history, configurations, or manipulation of this remarkable little toy.

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