Everyman - Aluminum Remans
Everyman - Aluminum Remans
Everyman - Aluminum Remans
Everyman - Aluminum Remans
Everyman - Aluminum Remans

Everyman - Aluminum Remans

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Everyman - Aluminum Remans

Aroundsquare's "Everyman" begleri are simple, not too big, not too small, just intentionally "average".. They're a begleri for everyone. If you're new to begleri, check out our begleri page for some basic information.  

The Everyman bead design updates the shape of the conventional "Standard Issue" Greek begleri for modern technical begleri play. The sloping top of the beads helps prevent the string from jamming up during rolls, like the rounded tops of the Titans. Like the Hydras, it features straight angles which help with grip and bead control, as well as a compact size which makes the beads nimble during play. While the beads are relatively small, at 17mm by 17mm, they feel substantial in the hand due to the angles, and carry good weight. 

The Everyman Aluminum "Reman" Series

The Everyman aluminum Remans are the same as the original aluminum Everymans, but with a slightly widened top bore, and new anodized aluminum Newton Cores. The AL Remans are Hardcore Compatible, meaning that the weight can be adjusted upwards with the use of our any of our "Hardcore" micro bead inserts. The original series shipped with heavier Micro Hydra beads, but as players' tastes have developed over time towards lighter and lighter beads, these Aluminum x Aluminum combinations are right in the sweet spot for what a lot of top players demand. 


  • 17mm x 17mm dimension for the shells (Newton cores protrude an additional 2mm from the bottom)
  • Drilled out with a 4mm bore for compatibility with 550 paracord
  • Hardcore Compatible for use with any of our "micro" sized beads (not included)
  • Total set weight is around 17.9g including cord

New to begleri? Check out Aroundsquare's AO2 Crew demonstrating what this toy's all about, via the talented guys at Kuma Films (below). You may also want to visit our general information page on begleri, or do a deep dive on the history, configurations, or manipulation of this remarkable little toy.

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