Deadeye Hollows - Titanium
Deadeye Hollows - Titanium
Deadeye Hollows - Titanium
Deadeye Hollows - Titanium
Deadeye Hollows - Titanium
Deadeye Hollows - Titanium
Deadeye Hollows - Titanium
Deadeye Hollows - Titanium

Deadeye Hollows - Titanium

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Deadeye Hollows - Titanium

The Deadeye Hollows, are a variation on the theme of contact coins--coins designed for contact style manipulation. The Hollows bridge the basic idea behind the Deadeyes with new possibilities related to ring manipulation, by opening up the center and creating a rounded perimeter ring. The dimensions of the Hollows are the same as the original (large) Deadeyes, in both thickness and outer diameter.

The Hollows can be manipulated in roughly the same manner as the original Deadeyes, but the techniques require some adaptation to the new shape. Players may find some of their moves easier to perform with the Hollows, while other moves may be difficult or impossible with the centre void. This new shape, however, affords some new opportunities for different types of moves that cannot be performed with the original Deadeyes.


  • Material: gr5 titanium
  • Dimensions: 37mm exterior diameter (the same as the original large Deadeyes) 
  • Weight: ~16.2g
  • Available finishes: machine finish; sandblasted

General Information On the Deadeye Coins

Aroundsquare’s Deadeyes are part skill toy, part worry stone, part mind control device. Roll them between your fingers, or press use your thumb into the smooth contour and breath deep to dissolve the stresses of daily life.

These contact coins are designed to be handled and manipulated. On the surface, the Deadeyes look like just a refined worry stone made from metal, and they certainly serve well for that. They are precisely crafted and beautifully finished, with an ergonomic indent on either side that is perfect for thumbs of any size. But as you’d expect from AO2, there’s more to it than that. The concave shape and resulting ridge around the perimeter make the Deadeyes perfect for contact-style manipulation. With practice, they can be made to roll fluidly between the fingers, or back and forth over the thumbs, and isolations can be performed where the coins appear to be floating around the fingertips.

All Deadeyes are packaged in a box, and ship with Aroundsquare stickers.

For more information, visit our Deadeye product page.

Here's a clip of the Hollows in action..

 And here's a little edit with more Deadeye manipulation..

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