Remeshok Chetki in Aluminum from Aroundsquare
Remeshok Chetki - Aluminum Edition
Remeshok Chetki - Aluminum Edition
Remeshok Chetki - Aluminum Edition
Remeshok Chetki - Aluminum Edition
Remeshok Chetki - Aluminum Edition

Remeshok Chetki - Aluminum Edition

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Remeshok Chetki  - Aluminum Edition

The Remeshok chetki are Aroundsquare's modern take on the jointed plate style chetki which are commonly found in Russia. The name Remeshok comes from the Russian word for "strap", reflecting the clean lines of the set. Each set consists of 18 small rectangular beads, plus two tapered end beads, strung together on 300 lb kevlar cord. The resulting set has a simple, minimalist look, but represents a great deal of refinement and streamlining in the development process. 

Our 6061 aluminum Remeshok chetki deliver an excellent experience, coming in at what many will feel to be an optimal weight of around 29.6g all in. These sets play crisp, carrying ample momentum to pull them through finger rolls with ease, while still being lightweight enough for easy rebounds and tension moves. The anodized sets provide a predictable glossy grip, while the blasted version moves more smoothly and softly between the fingers. As a softer metal, the finishes on the aluminum versions will age over time, showing dings and scratches, but due to the style of play, the wear tends to be less than comparable begleri sets (for example), and the colours hold up quite well.


  • Weight: ~29.63g all in
  • Strung on AO2's 1mm custom high density kevlar cord 

Note: Accent and extension packs of other colours/ materials are available separately under their own product listing.  

General Information on Chetki

Chetki, or more correctly, perekidnye chetki (перекидные четки), are a type of flipping beads that developed in Russia. Also known as “Russian prison beads”, the origins of chetki trace back to a linear style rosary. As the story goes, looped rosaries were not allowed in Russian prisons, but the shorter linear style were permitted. With idle time to pass, the flipping of chetki became common, and secular models designed with flipping in mind became popular, often sporting engraved "tattoos" matching those of their owners, or other images of significance. Over time, the manipulation of perekidnye (flipping) chetki (перекидные четки) has developed into an art in its own right, and the secular embodiments of the beads designed purely for flipping have begun to proliferate. Modern perekidnye chetki are specifically designed for manipulation, much like a balisong or a set of begleri, and with practice, a wide variety of tricks and combinations can be performed.

For more information, visit our chetki product page, or check out the video below to see it our chetki in action!

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