Sling Slam 2021

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  • Sling Slam 2021 runs August 22-28th, 2021
  • Submit 20-30s clips online to participate
  • Clips must be continuous, but slow mo/ freeze frames are allowed
  • Main event is begleri, any conventional begleri set can be used, with side events for komboloi/ MKUltras, chetki, and knuckle rollers/ kbones
  • Minimal editing effects and short intro/ title screens only
  • Submit clips on Instagram, using #slingslam2021 PLUS the appropriate event tag #ss2021begleri, #ss2021chetki, #ss2021kbone, or #ss2021ultras, or see below for other submission options
  • Prizes for top three begleri, and best clip in each of the other three categories

Contest Overview

Sling Slam 2021, our third annual worldwide open begleri freestyle contest, is scheduled to run August 22-28, 2021. It will be an online event, run in the same style as Sling Slam 2020 and our annual Single Grip Open events, but with the addition of new categories for komboloi/ MKUltras, chetki, and knuckle rollers/ kbones. Participants will submit freestyle clips online, conforming to the rules below, showcasing their best tricks, flow, and video production skills. As with previous events, most of the action is expected to take place on Instagram, but contestants are welcome to submit clips on other platforms as well. Full details and rules below. 

Open Contest

Our focus is on inclusion and participation over competition for these events, so we have draw prizes and a special promo code for ALL participants. This year it will be an open contest, with no "tiers" or categories for players making this a single event with everyone participating side by side.


Sling Slam will be a judged competition, and judging will be conducted according to three equally weighted criteria. This year's judges will be:

  • Mitch @musclebones
  • Gera @kendagera
  • Brax @mkxarb
  • Chris @chainheart._
  • Matt @aroundsquare

Scoring Criteria

Clip Quality 

  • sufficient lighting, begleri clearly visible
  • good framing, clean/ appropriate background, sufficient contrast
  • filming, stable frame, begleri in frame etc.

Technical Difficulty

  • sophistication, complexity, difficulty of tricks
  • variety of trick elements
  • innovativeness

Artistic Merit

  • performance and style
  • good flow, tight/ clean execution
  • clean editing
  • matching with music etc.
  • additional elements (humour, finishing moves, combo construction etc.)

How to Participate

Sling Slam 2021 will run August 22-28th, 2021. All you have to do to participate is to prepare a freestyle begleri clip or edit, and/ or one with chetki, ultras/ komboloi, or knucklebone. Clips must be compliant with the rules below. Post your video publicly to one of the designated platforms listed below. Please be sure to tag your entry appropriately so that the judges will know which tier you are competing in, either recreational, or competitive. 

  • Instagram: Post a public clip to your own account, and tag it with the hashtags #slingslam2021, AND #ss2021begleri, #ss2021chetki, #ss2021ultras, or #ss2021kbone depending on which event you’re posting for
  • Facebook: Post a public clip to the page:
  • Reddit: Post a public clip to the sub:
  • If you want to submit via an alternative platform, please email a link to
  • All clips must be submitted prior to 11:59pm Pacific time on August 28th, 2021. Clips will be reviewed by the judges, and winners will be announced after the closing of the contest.   


    1. This is an “open” freestyle competition, meaning there are no restrictions on play. Multiple grip changes, aerials, two-handed play, and so on, are all allowable. Players are limited to one set of begleri (or, chetki, ultras, kbone as the case may be).
    2. Any set can be used (i.e., it does not need to be an AO2 set).
    3. Clip must be continuous, and must be 20s to 30s in length
    4. Clip may contain slow motion segments, zooming, and other editing, provided the continuity of the clip is not interrupted (freeze frames are allowed, but no reversal of clip direction)
    5. Clip editing should not detract from the clear depiction of the freestyle begleri performance (text and drawn animations are allowed, but should be used sparingly; additional windows within main window should not be used)
    6. Minimize introductions (title screens are allowed, but will count as part of the max 30s clip length)
    7. Clips must be tagged appropriately using #slingslam2021 PLUS the appropriate event tag #ss2021begleri, #ss2021chetki, #ss2021kbone, or #ss2021ultras
    8. Notwithstanding the rules and clarifications above, the clip must reflect the intent of this contest as a pure freestyle contest. If the judges feel there are excessive deviations from that intent, the clip may be disqualified at the judges’ discretion, regardless of whether they are explicitly breaking the rules. 
    9. Anything not explicitly allowed in the rules, and anything falling into a grey area, will be subject to judges’ decision, which will be final. If you’re unsure of something you can contact AO2 for clarification prior to the competition. 
    10. Please only submit one clip per event. You may participate in as many events as you like (begleri, chetki, ultras, or kbones). Participants posting more than one clip to a single event will be disqualified.
    11. Submitting clips to multiple events will give you multiple chances to win draw prizes, up to a maximum of four chances (one per event). 


  • Use the best lighting available. In general, the more light you flood into your filming space, the better the quality of your clip.
  • Use a clean background such as a blank wall, a hanging backdrop or sheet, a clean floor, or if all else fails, a clean patch of pavement or grass outdoors etc.
  • Minimize fancy editing that creates visual clutter and detracts from following the flow of the begleri
  • Add a tune to your clip (it makes it more entertaining for viewers)
  • Use editing sparingly to accentuate key tricks or highlight sync with your selected music


Lots of great prizes are planned for this year’s contest, including draw prizes that will go to randomly selected participants. There will be designated prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the main begleri contest, plus a top prize for the best chetki entry, the best komboloi/ MKUltras entry, and the best knuckle roller/ knucklebone entry. Draw prizes will be given to randomly selected participants on each day of the event, meaning those who enter on the first day have more opportunities to win.

Competitive Prizes

  • First Place (begleri): $400 cash; bragging rights as 2021 World Champ; choice of almost any AO2 item (any standard item, and most exotics)
  • Second Place (begleri): $300 cash; choice of almost any AO2 item (any standard item, and most exotics)
  • Third Place (begleri): $100 cash; choice of almost any AO2 item (any standard item, and most exotics)
  • First Place (komboloi/ MKUltras): $200 cash; bragging rights as 2021 World Champ; choice of almost any AO2 item (any standard item, and most exotics)
  • First Place (chetki): $200 cash; bragging rights as 2021 World Champ; choice of almost any AO2 item (any standard item, and most exotics)
  • First Place (knuckle rollers/ kbones): $200 cash; bragging rights as 2021 World Champ; choice of almost any AO2 item (any standard item, and most exotics)

Draw Prizes

Draw prizes will be awarded on each day of the contest, from August 22nd to 28th, meaning that participants who submit a clip earlier will have more chances to win. There will be one draw prize winner per day, randomly selected from the clips as of that day. 

Participation Prizes

All participants will be given a promo code, offering 25% off a future purchase with Aroundsquare (some exclusions may apply)

Participation and community involvement is a big part of this contest, so we'd like to encourage you all to follow the hashtags on Instagram and to give some feedback and encouragement to one another as the posts show up in your feed throughout the week, let's go!


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  • giannis on

    Good evening to all the “magkes” company. for 18 hours I am excited by what I discovered … begleriou competition !!! I was born in the city of Thessaloniki .. northern Greece. I still play begleri ..since 1990 (at the age of 11 I made my first improvised begleri … round thin leather and metallic beads entirely from the leather belt workshop that grandfather-Taki). In the mid-1990s we used to gather in Eptalafo square late at night and turn with other peers with double beads ..against who plays with a better flow… who has new shoots… who does not fall out of his hand while performing the tricks … kneading the art of begleri. most still continue to play to this day.
    last night I wrote begleri on youtube and he made me a great video of 4+ million views leaving me with my mouth open! I started searching and ended up aroundsquare and I could not believe my eyes. for 2 hours I had a whole creep going on and finding your site..then the world championship of 2021!?!?! … after a forum with other crazy videos and tutorials … terminology… names in the tricks !!! I have no words, thank you very much … you took me back 25 years then when I dreamed of everything that all of you have done out there today! Thank you (and I have to personally thank you from your site but I still do not know who is the original culprit of this crazy dream done) thank you for not forgetting the begleri and his art in the squares and parks of all the then “magkes” Greek generation of 1990 .I will try to make a video too, lest I catch the championship… so for the story and dream.. I love the begleri and the perseverance and patience he teaches my. I have things to share with you about the story of begleri if you are interested and some of my tricks of course Unfortunately my English is poor and I use the google translation sorry for my mistakes. Thank you very much. keep it up. Well done! Yours sincerely.

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