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Welcome to Aroundsquare's Begleri Bank. The purpose of the begleri bank is to help spread this great hobby, and contribute further to building the community of players worldwide, by making top quality begleri sets available in two new ways: a free way, and a pay it forward way. More on those below. The begleri bank will make use of refurbished/ refinished sets of Aroundsquare begleri. These are the same sets used by the very best players in the world, and may include used sets, prototypes, b grades, and other beads. These are essentially the same great beads we sell online, but they may have been previously used, or may have had small issues in the finishing that made them unsuitable for regular sales. The beads will be sand blasted or finished in other unique ways that helps to distinguish them from Aroundsquare's regular catalogue.

Monthly Lottery

The free distribution of begleri beads through the bead bank is intended for people who are not able to purchase a quality set of begleri at present, due to the costs or other related factors. These may be people who are interested in begleri but have never tried it, as well as people who have become dedicated slingers, but have been limited to sub-optimal homemade sets. The key factor is that this is intended to people who are unable to purchase beads. We ask that you kindly respect the intent of this project, and not treat this as a monthly GAW. Sets will be given away monthly, using a combination need/ merit/ lottery method. Folks can submit an application form online. Forms that we feel are particularly convincing may be given a set prior to lottery selection. The remaining applications will be selected from on a random basis until the month's quota is met. The sets sent out in the lottery will be randomly selected from those available. Interested folks must apply themselves (do not submit applications on behalf of others). If you have submitted an application one month and did not receive a set, you are welcome to resubmit the following month. See below to apply. 


The other approach we are using in the begleri bank is a "pay-it-forward" method, where individuals can purchase an inexpensive set of the same Aroundsquare beads, and have them sent to someone who they think would benefit from the hobby, or those who would be interested in giving begleri a serious try. If you're interested in introducing people in your circle to begleri, the sling-it-forward shop may be for you. The sling-it-forward shop will be stocked with random refurbished sets available at a low price, but with the condition that people cannot buy and send to themselves. These sets must be sent to someone other than the buyer, because the idea is to spread begleri love by helping to introduce new people to the hobby. Click here for access to the sling-it-forward shop

begleri bank monthly lottery application

Please say something about your interest in begleri, how you came to know about begleri, your need (why you don't just buy a set or make your own), and what you might be able to do to spread begleri love once you have a set. Don't feel obligated to share any personal/ financial information that you don't feel comfortable sharing. All information will be kept private. There is no minimum length requirement, but be aware that throw away submissions will be thrown away and will not be included in the lottery. We are looking for sincere interest only.
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