Age: 21

Hometown: Seattle

Background in skill-toys: Started with zippo, gave up and mastered balisong, then got pretty good at begleri. I have also practiced kendama, cardistry, and contact staff, but never got far with any of those.

Daily-begleri: Brass Everymans on blue 550  paracord. I love this set, perfect weight, the shape fits comfortably between fingers, and they make a nice sound when they hit eachother. I've got them on old blue 550 paracord which has frayed and become nice and fluffy, all around a super comfy set.

EDC: Brass Everymans, my ti-dye signature Everymans, Benchmade 47t, physics textbooks, sketchbook and markers

Favorite begleri trick: Basic rolls and gap transfers, and open palm slinging!

Goals: Get better at more things. Variety is everything!

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