tacit layers

Aroundsquare's visual art explores the relationship between constraints and creativity, between structure and freedom, and how fundamental structures are subsumed as new ones are built upon them. The work is composed of simple vertical lines of a fixed width. Far from limiting the work, this apparent constraint has proven extraordinarily liberating, providing a means to overcome the tyranny of a structureless context.

The work has developed into an extended epistemological experiment, using the simple grammar of vertical lines to create rich abstract compositions. As the paintings develop, layers of acrylic are lost beneath the surface, each building on the last, and providing texture for the next. These works are created over time, with many requiring months of patient development, and consisting of many hundreds of individual lines. Like consciousness, the paintings begin vague and fragmented, and coalesce slowly as colour patterns and forms begin to emerge. The resulting work has depth and stability to it, while maintaining an organic, living character. The paintings evoke a wide range of emotions and impressions.

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