kickin' it


I've been interested in Kickstarter for long time, but I've never quite gotten around to putting together a campaign over there. Truth is, I've been kind of proud of being able to grow Aroundsquare fuelled only by organic community support. But all this time I've been looking side-eye over at Kickstarter, thinking heck, that's a good opportunity for a different kind of exposure. So, I decided to give it a crack, this is the result. We're kicking it off in style with three brand new kbones - clear acrylic, wenge wood, and mokume-gane. As with all my content, this campaign is unsophisticated and a bit rough around the edges, but hey what do you expect from a company with a logo that was drawn by Sharpie in the back of a taxi in Bangladesh? True story. Check out the campaign here, and please help spread the good word! Some great deals to be had on the early bird specials, and the quick six of ice bones. Sincere thanks to all who have supported thus far.. it's that support that gives me the motivation and confidence to pull something like this off. Thank you. Here's the big link: