begleri bank

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It’s finally time. I’m very excited to introduce our latest project, the Begleri Bank. I’ve been teasing these blasted beads for a while, and here’s the deal. They’re free, and you can’t buy em.. well, at least not for yourself. I was looking at my wall last year thinking dang, I have a couple more beads than I need, and the surplus grows with each new batch, as I string up testers and beaters and pull out the occasional b grade etc. So I thunk to myself, self, let’s spread a little begleri love and put these sets to better use. The Begleri Bank will make use of these sets.. first, refinishing them, then shipping them out for free to folks that may not be able to afford a quality set. For full details on the process pls visit the site (link in bio). Alongside the monthly quota of free sets, we’re also launching a “sling-it-forward” shop where folks can purchase these sets on the cheap as gifts for others.. the hook being that you can’t ship to yourself.. gotta sling it forward. That’s the point. It’s about spreading begleri love. All details are up on the site. Happy Valentines y’all, we love you. I want to give a special shout out to my pal @jorgomli who has been helping out in the development of this project.. we’ll be working together to make legit bank. And another huge thanks to @_borntohang_ who has helped out with the dope B2 logo (and a few other dank things you’ll see before long). Final shout out also to @holistic_cafe_hoshinotane who, I think, coined the term “sling-it-forward”. 💖