the AO2 Crew

The AO2 Crew is a Aroundsquare's official team. They're a ragtag bunch of insanely talented object manipulators, from the far corners of the internet. They are also, hands down, some of the most creative, skilled, and dedicated enthusiasts we've ever seen. They are all multi-talented individuals, and they bring together crazy skills with begleri slinging, balisong flipping, cardistry, magic, kendama, and more. With these skills in the mix, they are quite literally defining the world of modern begleri play. Check these guys out, give them some love, and follow our social media to check out the latest from the team. Most of the begleri action is over on Instagram at the moment, so check em out there for starters:

  • Crew account: @ao2crew
  • Curtis: @knifestuff
  • Gera: @kendagera
  • Ilya: @stringtheory.begleri
  • Joshie: @jodjuya
  • Patrick: @assassinflonne
  • Weston: @12oaksstraightg