the Titans are coming

If you're looking for the forthcoming Titan begleri, you've come to the right place. If you're following Aroundsquare on Instagram, you have probably seen glimpses of the Titans--a titanium begleri set with a completely new bead design that has been refined based on all the experience and feedback since the Wukongs. They are extremely durable and very well weighted, and the bead design plays, feels, and looks amazing. 

When Aroundsquare launched with Wukongs in collaboration with MonkeyfingeR, we presented something quite unique--an over-sized round begleri bead, unlike anything else on the market. The Wukongs quickly set a new standard for playability, and the design has inspired many of the new bead designs on the market. The same is bound to happen with the new gumdrop design of the Titans. The domed top makes the beads super smooth on the string, while the straight, knurled barrel gives excellent bead control. The rounded bottom and flat base minimize wear and give the beads a great feel in the hand, while the weight and durability of the grade five titanium make them perfect for extended play. 

The Titans will be launching in early August. If you want to be kept up to date, and to get pre-release info on these and our other upcoming projects, just send us a quick note with your email address and we'll add you to the update list! 

More soon!

Matthew Hiebert 2016-07-19