Wukong Begleri Pre-Orders

If you're following Aroundsquare on Facebook or Instagram, you probably already know about the Wukong Begleri project.. If you don't, check out the video below to see what it's all about. 

This is a collaboration with MonkeyfingeR Design, which is known for their high end custom anodized yo-yo. During the early stages of development, we had a lot of people come to us interested in picking up the Wukongs, and we finally decided to run a small, unannounced pre-release offer for those early supporters. It sold out. Quickly. And when other people started finding out about it, they were disappointed they had missed out. So we decided to open up another little opportunity, a second "special edition" colour way (the orange/ blue shown in the photo), available only as a pre-order, and we agreed to do up as many of these as necessary in order to make sure that nobody was disappointed.

The pre-order is on now, and runs until April 29, 2016, at which time the orange/ blue colour way will be gone for good. Check out the trailer below, and if you want to grab a set, head over to the MonkeyfingeR Shop. AO2 will be selling them directly too in the future, but for now there's only one place to get them!

-- Matthew Hiebert 2016-04-25