I've been lagging on getting blog content up, but there are definitely a number of things that have been going on at Aroundsquare that are worthy of a post or two. One of the big ones is the Hydra begleri. Like the Titans, these are available in both titanium and aluminum. The Hydra beads are actually just part of a bigger begleri project that we've been planning, but when we first got the prototype beads and started messing with them, we were super excited (and a little frustrated) with how fun they were just as they are. So we rolled with it and launched them as is, with more planned for the future.

 Here is the write-up from the product listing over at the shop. 

Aroundsquare's Hydra Begleri are a fun yet highly capable modern adaptation of the traditional Greek multi-bead begleri. All of the Hydra sets have multiple interchangeable beads, allowing for interesting colour combinations, and some customization of weight.

The titanium version comes with four beads, precision-machined from grade 5 titanium, weighing in at around 7g per bead, for a total of around 28g per set. The beads themselves are 16mm in diameter and 8mm thick, making for a 16x16mm stack at either end. While this dimension sounds small compared to the 19/20mm Titans, and the 22mm Wukongs, the more angular shape of the Hydras makes them feel and play larger than their measurement would suggest. 

The Hydras are extremely playable, and despite their cylindrical shape, are surprisingly adept - particularly in the four bead configuration. The shape of the beads make them particularly well-suited for two handed tricks and transfers. They are less solid and somewhat quieter than heavier single-bead designs, and the multiple beads add a nice "fiddle factor" to each set. The slight rounding of all edges on the beads adds the overall feel.

The titanium Hydras come with several extra strings, a fist full of stickers, a canvas carry bag, an info card, and a slick little gift box.