aroundsquare X yomega

Aroundsquare is freaking excited to announce a new partnership with Yomega for the production and worldwide distribution of Monkey Knuckles. For those of you who have been following Aroundsqare, you'll know that this is a project that's been in the making for over a decade. Monkey Knuckles was first developed back in 2003, and at that time, it was a crude handmade item, with a player community of one. 

Aroundsquare first made the product available for sale back in 2007 on Etsy, still as a handmade item. We sold a few sets, and gave away a few more. The toy slowly developed, and the styles of play increased in range. In 2014, we decided to bring the toy along with us to the New York International Toy Fair, for a soft launch alongside our staple Goodwood Deconstruction Blocks. That's where where we connected with Yomega. The details fell into place.

Yomega has taken Monkey Knuckles to a whole new level. With their decades of manufacturing experience with other skill toys, and especially in recent years with their top notch wooden kendamas, they have been able to produce Monkey Knuckles at a superior level of quality. The first set of samples we received were literally the best set we had ever played with, straight out of the box--smooth on the string, durable, and ridiculously good looking. 

Yomega is one of the largest makers and distributors of yo-yos and other skill toys in the world, and has an amazing network of partners. They are going to be able to bring Monkey Knuckles to a much larger community than Aroundsquare could ever have dreamed of on our own. Not only that, but they have an amazing community of pros and players of all levels, doing amazing things with their existing range of skill toys. Aroundsquare can't wait to see what happens once some of them get their hands on Monkey Knuckles!

Matthew Hiebert 2015-04-30