kuma films X monkey knuckles

I've been a fan of Kuma Films for quite a while. I'm involved with a couple of skill toys communities online, and a year or two ago, I started to see these awesome videos circulating through the social media, with amazing shots, great editing, sick music, and more fundamentally, some really incredible skills from fantastic performers. After seeing their funky little bear logo a couple of times, I followed it to the Kuma Films channel on YouTube, and was blown away. I thought, "Maybe one day I could convince these guys to do a Monkey Knuckles video--I wonder how much I would have to pay them."

Fast forward to July 2015... I posted a quick little trick shot on Instagram, and the guys from Kuma Films, incredibly, saw it. They reached out, and with generous support of Yomega, they came out to Vancouver for a couple days of filming. I'm super happy with the result. Finally, a Monkey Knuckles video that wasn't shot with my phone balanced against a rock, and me hoping I was in the frame. Check out the new Monkey Knuckles video below, the behind the scenes video with extra footage here, and another little bonus edit introducing a few of the styles of play with some tips for beginners. And be sure to head over to the Kuma Films channel for a ton of other awesome videos--make sure you subscribe to get updates on all their latest.